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Finding your cup of tea

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Do you have a specific intention? A favorite Saint? There's a tea for that!

Welcome to Sacred Heart Tea Company. A little know fact about us is that our name comes from our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But why His Heart you might wonder? The heart, in any language and every country and any age group is regarded as the symbol of love and affection. We can think of no other natural way to share our love of Jesus than to have devotion to His Sacred Heart.

In other words... Jesus is definitely our cup of tea!

Your Cup of Tea

You are my "cup of tea" !

Our teas are blended based upon Jesus, Mary and the Saints characteristics. We like to blend the teas in a way that emphasizes the qualities they embodied so that you can have a spiritual tea experience. Its not just a drink of tea, but a quiet moment with a friend or a heartfelt prayer given to God in your time of need.

Jesus + Mary + Patron Saints

If you feel a deep devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus like we do, or the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you might enjoy a warm cup of tea blended to remind you of the sacred in your ordinary days or you might prefer a crisp cool tea that inspires you to recognize their presence in your daily life. Maybe you have a need to ask your favorite Saint to pray for you, or you want to engage their intervention on your behalf: simply choose the tea blend of your Saint and enjoy a cup of tea with an old friend.


Set your intentions and believe.

Do you have a specific intention? Praying for healing or protection? Needing relief from anxiety? Maybe you are seeking discernment? Choosing a tea by intention can engage your senses for a specific quiet time with God, where you can lay your intentions on the table and talk with Him over a cup of tea!

Get Inspired and have a cup of tea!

We can't wait to share our specialty #teablends with you! We hope that the tastes and aromas enhance your #Catholic walk and bring you great joy! We officially launch May 1, 2022!!!

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