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Communion of Saints Sampler Pack

Communion of Saints Sampler Pack


Our Communion of Saints Sampler Pack gives you the opportunity to test all of our teas! This sampler pack includes these 19 teas. Quantities are limited.


NOTE: At times there is a tea that may be out of stock. In these situations that tea will be replaced with another tea from our inventory. We always do our best to give you a full set so that you can taste our full range of teas.


St. Teresa of Avila (caffeine free)

St. Joan of Arc (caffeine free)

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

St. Francis of Assisi (caffeine free)

St. Augustine (caffeine free)

St. Monica (caffeine free)

Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. Benedict

St. Gianna (caffeine free)

St. Joseph

St. Padre Pio (caffeine free)

St. Patrick

St. Bernadette

Our Lady of Lourdes (light caffeine)

Magdalene Therese

St. Zelie Martin

St. Louis Martin

Blessed Mother (caffeine free)


All you holy saints, pray for us!