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Catholic Lent is a time to Grow Closer to Jesus

Every year when Lent rolls around, Catholic's ask, “What are you giving up for Lent?”


That’s a fantastic question. What ARE you giving up for Lent? But not only that, what are you doing to grow in your relationship with God? What are you doing to increase your conversations with Him?


Sacrifice in love is so important, but hand in hand with sacrifice is giving. Giving to others, and to God. There are so many things we can do during Lent to open up that line of communication with God even more. We can...


-read our bible more

-dedicate ourselves to reading the daily readings

-make sure we start every day with prayer

-maybe you start praying for a certain person

-or maybe you start writing your blessings down every night


What are you doing this Lent to draw closer to God? 


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